Rant with Pauly: Shade range consistency

Hi everyone!

How’s everyone celebrating their Friday tonight? Another week has flown by and for some reason I always have this irritating, lingering thought of some palettes I’ve been seeing launched.

I’m sure they’re of great quality! Morphe and Kylie Cosmetics have had amazing reviews globally and their profits seem in good shape.

But let’s talk about color scheme, shall we. Has anyone ever seen eye looks and they detail in their caption how many colors they used and you just can’t believe it? Warm, bronzey tones have a lot of shade ranges in common so it’s easy for them to look opaque and just too similar..

Duh, these colors are so effortless for a casual and even sultry look. But the idea that they’re so general and easy to use, makes you even question if it’s worth buying. Here are some pics of Morphe’s and Kylie Cosmetic’s palettes.

I could give atleast 3 pans that literally look the same! The idea of placing your brush on your eyes and expecting pigmented, unique shades just doesn’t come across these. Is it even worth the purchase or effort into launching?

Morphe Oh Boy Eyeshadow Palette

Morphe 25B Bronzed Eyeshadow Palette

Kylie Cosmetics The Bronze Extended Palette

I was so excited for the Gigi Hadid x Maybelline series but the range was so shockingly sad! And similarly, they’re very warm, dull/opaque tones. The shades just seem the same and it doesn’t makes my eyes pop at first glance. It’s hard, I get it.

Maybe some creativity will inspire a new wave of warm, bronzer tones. I just want to see some different scheme brought to the table.

While we’re here, let me show you some palettes I’ve definitely been eyeing this week. Or maybe obsessing over!

Violet Voss HG Eyeshadow Palette

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A blushin’ crush

I couldn’t wait to share this dazzling, baked blush that I’ve been trying out for some time! If you’re into light pink, shimmery blushes like I am, you’ll definitely want to see this. What better way to bring it onto my blog than right before we get hit with those glowy summer looks!

This blush is from Mary Kay Cosmetics! Although this brand isn’t in my top list to purchase from because it’s not easily accessible, I was given this as a package for Christmas and oh my goshhh, this blush blew me away. It’s like they knew my ideal blush color before they sent it to me!

Before I started writing this post for you guys, I did some research on this blush and its actually a part of a limited edition! WHY?! It’s so perfect, you guys need to get your hands on it. It also said it’s not available to purchase through their website and that you need to contact a Mary Kay Consultant in your area. Pretty inconvenient but they do offer other blushes on their website which I recommend looking through. Here’s the direct link to the blush category!

This limited edition baked blush is in the shade “Kind Heart” and sells for $18 USD with .23oz carved into a heart for a pretty packaging accent. I know we all appreciate cute, thoughtful packaging!

Enjoy these pics ❤




What do you guys think? I love how this blush carves out my cheeks smoothly. On days I don’t want to use bronzer, this blush alone can sculpt my face for me. Another thing I look for in a blush is its subtly. If it’s too pigmented, I find it harder to blend out. Less is more: starting out light is the best way to build up the product. If you’re interested in this limited edition blush for the summer, check it out here!

That’s it for now! I love you guys and I’m so happy I have a family here to share my beauty/fashion experiences with. XOXO

Red heart, Red lips

Hi my beauties! Today I’m going to go step by step on how I achieved my vanity look. I was inspired by Fall, red bold lips and some shimmy-shimmy red on the eyes to pull everything together. Enjoy!

I spend a lot of my time working on my skin because I love a flawless, full-coverage face. I skipped the primer and drenched my skin with Tarte’s Marine Boosting Mist in their ‘Rainforest of the Sea’ collection. It’s not my favorite (sometimes it leaves my skin feeling greasy) but moisturizing your skin is KEY to a smooth canvas.

For foundation I used one of my holy grail, Maybelline Fit Me in the shade 122 (creamy beige). It feels super lightweight on my skin and gives me that medium coverage..trust me, its pigmented! I have super oily skin and although it claims it gives a matte finish, I start getting a shine within an hour. But no complaints here, I’m used to it!


Because of acne scars, I use LA Girl PRO Conceal in the shade ‘Light Ivory’ over top my cheeks to fade away any scarring that my foundation couldn’t cover. While we’re concealing, I use LA Girl PRO Conceal in the shade ‘Peach Corrector’ to cancel out my dark under bags, it works like a dream; just make sure you blend! Over the peach corrector, I use my ‘Light Ivory’ to neutralize the peach shade and bring some brightness back!

While all my creams/liquids are settling in, I start to fleek out my eyebrows with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Pomade in ‘Granite’ with an angled brush. Granite is the darkest shade ABH provides and it works in my favor because ‘Ebony’ was beginning to be too soft for my brows. I have extremely dark, black eyebrows! I carve out my brows with some concealer and a small-tapered brush to give that sleek, polished look. To lock my brows in, I use my Urban Decay Brow Tamer in ‘clear’, it’s not my go-to because it doesn’t add texture but at least it holds my brows in place!


Before I set my face with powder, I use this time to contour out my cheekbones with the Sephora Contour Palette in the lightest version. The reason I powder contour over my creams is because I don’t like the cakey, powdery finish if I were to contour over my face powder. In my opinion, after I set my face with my Bare Minerals Bare Pro in the shade ‘Light Natural (09)’, it diminishes the harsh contour shade and blends seamlessly once I apply my face shade; it just looks more natural!

I use my Milani Baked Bronzer in the shade ‘Dolce (09)’, I find myself applying more than 2 layers to bring that bronzy look to my face. It’s build-able if you have the time to layer it on. I skipped the blush and moved on to my Laura Geller Highlighter in the shade ‘Gilded Honey’, this stuff is AMAZING. With or without spritzing some mist, you WILL get that gold reflex.


For my eyes, I used two of my favorite palettes, ABH Modern Renaissance and Morphe 350. I start with some light browns in the crease and build it up so my red shades won’t start so abruptly over my eyes. I bring the red shades into the outer corners of my eyes and blend up so it’ll meet with the light brown in my crease.

I decided to cut my crease and use a light gold to compliment the red transition in the outer corner. Finally, I love darkening the very outer corners because it elongates my eyes with some dimension. I use a dark brown so it’s not that intense and only blend in that area – not up!


One of my favorite eyeliners is the NYX Matte liquid liner in the shade ‘black’, the pigment is super dark and glides perfectly with the brush. I applied it to the outer half of my eyes so the cut crease is dominant while giving that almond-shaped effect. For mascara, I used the Maybelline Lash Stiletto in the shade ‘very black’ to really bring my lashes to life without falsies.

Now, the grand finale. Bold, red lips! With such an intense color, I like to map out my lips with a liner so I don’t go crazy and draw outside of the lines. I used the Wet N Wild Gel Lip Liner in the shade ‘Plum Together’, it’s creamy and stays on for hours. I focus a lot on my cupids bow because I love defining my top lip for that heart-shaped pout.


My red lips are all thanks to the NYX Liquid Suede in ‘Kitten Heels’. It’s a red-blue undertone which compliments my pale skin and brings vibrance. I was totally getting that Selena vibe and I was NOT disappointed!

That’s it for today! Please comment below if you enjoyed this mini step by step vanity look. I can start going into depth and add more engagements if you’d like. Also, comment below what look you’d like to see next!


When businesses lack customer service

I’m not one to judge. We all have issues going on in our lives and unfortunately, life DOES get in the way of our most passionate hobbies, hanging with friends and even focusing on academics. However, I do believe that taking on a business/job/lifestyle does require commitment and consistency.

So here’s my story on a business that took 3 months and 21 days to send me my small package of 2 lip glosses. This story isn’t about how awful the business is because truly, I wouldn’t have minded the wait IF there was customer service involved.

Heres the break down:

I ordered my package from Oalika Cosmetics on August 19th. I received an immediate email regarding the order number which comes automatically with any purchase. On August 24th, I became concerned because I still hadn’t received my processing email or tracking number for UPS!

What did I do? I emailed Oalika Cosmetics with the email they provide us if we have any questions (like any other concerned customer). I wrote I was beauty journalist who was thrilled to try their cosmetics and write a review on my platform for PBC Mag.

11 days later and no response. So I decided to re-send my email! Keeping myself optimistic because I was aware Oalika Cosmetics is a small, emerging beauty business with only 11.6k followers on Twitter and 1,440 followers on Instagram. Small businesses are usually under the most stress. Entrepreneurs taking a leap of faith to build their own empire, I’ll give them that; it’s not a walk in the park!

Sadly enough, I still didn’t receive a response. So I took it to the one place they HAVE to answer me to avoid public embarrassment, Twitter. And what happened? They finally decided to answer me.

Below are my screenshots that I kept with Oalika Cosmetics, via Twitter DM’s. I slowly became frustrated because I thought this was a legit company, not a company who will ignore your emails but answer you via Twitter. Please look at the dates between all these messages, you’ll see they don’t reply for weeks at a time. *Disclaimer, my conversation with Oalika Cosmetics was hostile and I’ll own up to it. But there comes a point when you’re the owner of a business, stealing customers’ money and acting as if they’re nonexistent.



IMG_4831 IMG_4832


Yes, I even decided to threaten with legal action. Moral of the story: if they don’t care, they truly don’t care.



I decided not to publish with my newspaper, they don’t need the recognition.



Oalika didn’t document me with any proof. And I’m not going to believe that when I’m being blatantly ignored for a reason. 



Yes unfortunately, I’m the one saying thank you


Meanwhile during this one way conversation, Oalika Cosmetics was tweeting about new, upcoming launches and retweeting pictures of women who had been flaunting their products. My problem with that is you can’t be investing in more products if you’re not even focusing on your current issues. That goes against any value in business. If you don’t treat your customers right, why should anyone care about your new launches? 

I was constantly tweeting at Oalika Cosmetics, I even took it to Instagram. And I guess once they noticed I took my problem to another social media platform, they decided to actually talk to me again.

At this point, I just wanted my money back. At the end of the day, it’s not about buying the best of the best, it’s about purchasing and supporting businesses that actually care about you. I had one goal with Oalika Cosmetics, to help their business with my platform by writing a review and possibly a mini-tutorial.

During September, they told me their policy states they don’t do refunds until 35 days of placing your order. I begged them for three months and 21 days (82 DAYS) to give me a refund. On October 28th, they decided to change their rules and say NO REFUNDS. I was furious. Who wouldn’t be?

Strangely, I wasn’t the only one involved in this. Julie, aka @jujubeanbeauty on Twitter reached out to me with the same issue she was facing with Oalika. As a makeup enthusiast, trying out products comes with exploring new businesses. After receiving no response from the company about a color change for her order, she started to become skeptical (like anyone else would too!) Julie recently updated me saying,

“I don’t even care about my money anymore, this is too tiring. I disputed it with my bank and I got credit for it. I don’t know what they’re gonna do to get their money from Oalika.”

If you needed to hear it from another person, there’s your witness. Or better yet, there have been hate accounts in Oalika’s name for their delays and lack of customer service. Please look it up, I’m not lying!

This isn’t meant to be seen as a bashing article. If that’s the case, you don’t take critique well. I wouldn’t have minded the wait if I knew there was going to be a wait. That’s my point. That is where the customer service is lacking. Oalika Cosmetics never told me they were going to fix the issue, when it would be done or any other reassuring response.   They simply ignored my DM’s and emails for weeks at a time and continued to glorify their newest products as if they had any room to do so.

That is why they won’t be getting any product recognition on my site. Their products are beautiful and chic, I won’t lie on that. If you saw the packaging and the products, you would be tempted to buy them because you saw pictures of them from my site. But that’s not my purpose for this article. Oalika Cosmetics does not deserve more customers because of the help from my site. I tried doing that once and they rejected me in the most unprofessional way possible. 

Regardless, every emerging business will have its challenges. If you do happen to fall upon their website and fall in love with a gloss, by all means, go ahead and purchase it! Instead of me telling you to screw them and block them on social media, I’m advising you that your products will not come in 2 weeks or even one month. Fortunately, mine came in the mail 3 months and 21 days later. I was also given a loose-glitter pigment and a third gloss; I’m assuming to compensate for the wait.

And if Oalika Cosmetics is reading this, your business has room to improve. Every business has room to improve. There’s nothing wrong with that. That’s the beauty of owning your business, accepting its flaws AND working towards its goals.

As a beauty journalist, it’s my duty to inform my readers what goes on in such businesses, good or bad.


Glossy Lips – We’re In

Summer is in full swing and I’m loving the heat. Is it the sweet, refreshing air? Is it that one, catchy song reminding you of a happy life? Or is it the infinite amount of looks you can create with a simple tank and killer gloss?

We’ve all witness the trend of matte liquid lipsticks take over social media the past few years with master brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty creating full collections of numerous matte shades. If you haven’t noticed every time a matte collection surfaces, the brand follows the collection with a pairing of vibrant lip glosses. Could it be we just NEED gloss in our lives one way or the other? It’s 2017 and I think I’m seeing the full circle of ‘lip gloss heaven’ resurface.

FullSizeRender 6

Instagram @lifeofyes

So why is lip gloss becoming a purse must-have and a sexy Summer style? I’ve got the perfect answers.

First, lip gloss is a cosmetic product that essentially adds shine. Several glosses add a mixture of glittery to metallic looks, to give that full glossy finish. Not only can they be easier to apply but they can bring back life to those luscious lips.

Applying lip gloss can cut your glam time down by a few minutes. Imagine not having to line your lips to get that perfect dimension fitted for your matte lip stick. With lip gloss, it adds dimension by itself and a voluptuous look back to your lips without the hassle of liner. Lip gloss is a two in one product for all your lip-look fantasies.

Without a doubt lip gloss enhances your lips to the poutiest effect and it’s even easier to coordinate with your style of the day. Lip gloss gives you the chance to combine colors together into your perfect cream color. Having a lip product base still creamy enough to swivel around makes the mixture process easier to manipulate and enough time to choose and add colors. On the other hand, adding a glossy finish can take your look a notch down if you realize your lippie is a bit too bold for your liking. Just add a touch of gloss a shade lighter to your lip stick and voila, a brand new you.

My reasoning behind this lip gloss phenomenon is because of the ultimate trend happening as of late 2016 and carrying till this day – that poppin’ highlight. It’s no wonder we love all things glittery and gleam-looking, the highlighter trend has been giving us a frenzy. Nothing screams natural and dewy-kissed than a perfect, almost blinding highlighter. We love the shine and we love the glossy look it gives back to our skin after our face makeup dulls our natural radiant beauty. Right, ladies?

FullSizeRender 7

Instagram @simsimmy_xo


FullSizeRender 11

Instagram @Amrezy

So take my advice! If you love the highlight look, you’re going to love lip gloss for the rest of the summer. Think of it as a match made in heaven for all my friends who love to be a glowing goddess throughout the day. Who knows, maybe even carry the trend to Fall with a bold, glossy, burgundy lip.

If you’re a beginner to lip gloss, try NYX Butter Gloss from Ulta Beauty for $4.99. NYX Cosmetics does an amazing job adding a light sheen to over 50 shades. They also claim to moisturize and condition your lips for a smooth finish. So if you’re not into sticky, pigmented lip gloss, this one is the way to go.



If you’re into a bold and glossy look, Anastasia Beverly Hills available at Sephora for $16 killed the game with their unbeatable lip gloss collection. Not only are they all heavily pigmented with glittery sheen reflex, but they’re extremely thick on the lips giving off that pouty, voluptuous look that will stay on for hours. Their brush applicator makes applying gloss easy and quick to achieve.

FullSizeRender 4

Instagram @thehildalevierge

This summer is about catching that effortless, sexy glow on our skin. And the secret is out, lip gloss may be your new best friend to carry around in your purse for that touch up of glossy goodness. Comment below your favorite lip gloss!

Phase one: Believe in yourself

I never really figured out the ‘proper’ way to write this for my readers, or maybe specifically to the people who are interested in what I do or the area I specialize in.

Truth is, there is no proper way. And it’s better this way because now you get my honest, original and deep-hearted feelings for this. 

My goal is to inform and inspire you. Get you out of that comfort zone, because living starts when you leave that sheltered circle and experience life the way you only dreamt it to be. 

All I know is the beauty/wellness industry is making an all-time high in both product/informational profit and services itself. Which is why I chose this opportunity to take it and to chase it down as my own. 

It’s actually pretty crazy to not see many people doing what I do, but I think that’s because no one really knows it’s a thing. 

And that’s where I come in – to brag how this was the best discovery I ever made. 

You may not want to be a writer, but you may want to be a chemist whipping up the next hit foundation recipe for Too Faced Cosmetics or you may want to travel to Australia to discuss the product expansion of Paul Mitchell Hair Care, didn’t know that was a thing or even a job? 

Welcome to the beauty industry. 

So when did this start for me? It really all began in 5th grade when my mom took me every week to get my nails done – best woman ever by the way. 

Since then I just sort of fell in love with the idea of being  glammed up and feeling beautiful. I was the girl in middle school trying out blue eyeshadow and wearing wedges to school on the daily (nothing wrong with that, obviously). 

I felt pretty, and sort of invincible. Like no one could break my confidence because the lip gloss I wore made me feel beautiful on the outside and on the inside. 

So why did I not go to Cosmo school? Hm, long story. Since I was a little girl I really only pictured myself going to college. I’m a first generation to go to school in the United States so this was a certain value and achievement upheld by my family since basically birth. But make no mistake, my first few months in college I was confused as hell walking around campus with not a damn clue what I was doing with my life. It’s okay, we all go through that. 

I joined The Rotunda, my school’s newspaper led by students, right before winter break because I knew I had a knack for writing. I don’t know what it is, but my thoughts flow together on paper better than they do when I speak (working on that though very slowly lol). 

My first article was about cats vs dogs and which one suits your personality better. I know I know, great pitch Pauly. 

My editor-in-chief said my first piece was great but it lacked substance, and that really stuck with me. 

It lacked substance because it wasn’t the real me. And it was crazy how my editor-in-chief, whom I had just met at the time, knew this wasn’t my real work; this wasn’t my blood on the paper. 

For days I tried to think of my next pitch and nothing stuck with me that I actually wanted to write about. I thought to myself, what can I write that would be appropriate for a newspaper? What can I even contribute to this team with?  

And a light bulb flickered in my head. 

What have I been so deeply passionate about my whole life? Makeup. Seriously, I could write for hours on any topic about this. 

I thought deeper into this idea and realized, why not write about all things beauty/wellness? That was me taking it one step further. 

And of course, I had never seen or heard of a big-time beauty journalist or even a column for this in a newspaper. This was out of the blue, new and kind of terrifying.

When was the last time your school wrote about the best place in town to get a bikini wax? Probably never. And I wanted to change that. 

I approached this idea to my editor-in-chief and she was actually ecstatic about this beauty column. She wanted me to do this. She saw potential in me. And that was all I needed to start something revolutionary. 

So now, I’m writing Longwood University’s first beauty column. And yes, I’m a freshman. 

Over the weeks, I became so obsessed with the idea of writing about what I loved and being GOOD at it. Writing and beauty. Who would’ve thought? 

 My beauty column was a success, but how do I continue this adventure? I didn’t want it to end outside of my newspaper meetings once a week. 

So how can I turn this passion of mine into a dream career? 

One night I simply started researching real, in-demand careers around this field and BOOM, an industry I had no idea had so much behind-the-scenes work. 

Women and men in this industry bring themselves to the table as the business itself, the entrepreneur and the glam-life dream for all us beauty fanatics. #Goals

Let me list some careers out there specifically in the beauty/wellness industry.

  • Makeup chemist
  • Beauty and Fashion journalist/editor
  • Social media manager 
  • Photographer 
  • Public Relations representative
  • Global strategic marketing coordinator
  • Styling and Visual coordinator
  • Retail and e-commerce operations 
  • Software engineer/graphic designer
  • Financial and data analyst 
  • Production planner 

I mean the list goes on and on, seriously. For every company out there selling products or information associated with makeup, hair, skin, nails, clothes, etc. There’s a whole world out there I was oblivious to and it’s mind-blowing because I was a part of it all along. Just as the consumer. 

I was dragging my head through the mud before this discovery thinking welp, made it to college…what do I do now? 

Well, I hit the jack pot. 

I got the best of both worlds. My passion for beauty and an industry needing people like me. 

Why does no one know about this? Why isn’t my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram raving about this booming industry?! 

That’s because everyone associates the beauty realm by just its services and store retail. 

I’m here to break the news, there’s a whole corporate level out there needing people like you and me to work for them. You know, the whole reason why brands and stores are running the way they are, it’s all behind the scenes work by headquarters level. 

The jobs I listed above for the most part require a Bachelors or Associates degree. But that’s the audience I want to target the most for this article, if you’re a beauty enthusiast like me and in college or hope to attend college, why not dive into this industry who need to spread the word. Surely, you don’t NEED a degree to break through. But that’s beside the point and I can talk about that later. 

Imagine driving to your first business meeting in Los Angeles, California to talk about the new YouTube ad for your brand, Smashbox Cosmetics? 

Imagine flying first-class to Paris, France to coordinate and cast models for Dolce & Gabbana’s Summer fashion show? 

If that sounds exciting to you, there’s a world out there desperately trying to find creative and fresh minds like yours to work for their leading-businesses. 

Bottom line, this leap of faith I took to combine my strength (writing) and my passion (beauty) together was a courageous act. To be honest, I had no idea if it was going to work. And that’s the beauty of it all. 

Take chances. 

Live with minimal regret. 

Research and inform yourself.

Find a way to sculpt your dream career. 

Connect with people who have your dream career already and don’t be afraid to reach out.

Anything is possible.

If it’s not out there, create it. 

The world is yours to take. Literally. 

I can’t believe months ago, I created this dream for myself. And I hope to see that in you too even if it’s not in this industry. 

We tend to look at successful individuals as aliens and ponder how they did it. Truth is, they’re regular people just like you and me. The only difference is they’re on phase two: committing to action. 

So I have a lot of people asking me how I did it and what I do. 

As far as what I do, I write all things beauty and wellness. For people like you and me. 

Why trust me? Like I said, I’ve been in this beauty realm since I was 10 years old. So yeah, this isn’t some hobby I picked up one day on Instagram. 

It’s been my life and I’m heavily informed of it. I stay up to date with companies, brands, social media and beauty/wellness publications everyday. 

What I hope to accomplish? Tough question. I just opened this gate to a whole new industry, so there’s a lot more to explore. My major in college gives me a lot of leeway to really do anything in the digital-ish business aspect of it all.  Who knows what I’ll end up marketing myself as by the time I graduate. 

For right now, journalism has been my niche, specifically the focus of beauty and wellness. I hope to write for a lifestyle/beauty magazine or company, attend fashion week in Rome and conduct interviews with the masterminds of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit and their gorilla glue eyebrow gel. -Seriously, have you tried it? It’s magic glue for your eyebrows- 

Point is, I never let these goals stop emerging from my head. 

I created my very own website to publish my work and solidify myself as a respectable journalist for readers all over the world. 

Maybe one day, I’ll be the CEO of my own magazine publication. Who knows? 

So you’re one of the few people who’ve read this far? CONGRATS. Is it because I’ve opened your eyes to this industry you’ve been so desperately trying to stay a part of but not so sure how to make a career out of it? Mission accomplished. 

Whatever it is, go for it. 

Don’t be afraid to take chances. 

Whatever major you’re studying right now, alter it to fit your passion in life. 

Invent something new. 

If I was truly terrified and doubtful, I wouldn’t be here writing about how this is the best job a girl like me could ever ask for. And sadly, you wouldn’t be here trying to create your own wave. 

You have the spark deep inside yourself, let it loose and let it take you to where you’ve always wanted to be. 

Most importantly, don’t let the fear of judgment prevent you from pursuing this. 

I can’t stress this enough. As of lately, I’ve really been trying to sell myself on social media as an educated beauty journalist. If I let the fear of other people judging boil inside me for one second, I’ve already lost sight of the dream. 

Who cares what other people think? 

If what you’re doing makes you happy, ride that thing till the wheels fall off. 

I know self-advertising can be kind of awkward but that’s the hardest phase of it all. Break through it. I did it and so can you. 

Your real friends will stay and support you. Don’t worry, by the time you’ve made it big, you’ll be thankful for the people who left your life and for the people who uplifted it. 

This is your journey. Why are you letting other people steer for you? 

If I was the CEO of a company, I’d definitely hire the individual giving 100 percent into their proud work, rather than the shy candidate embarrassed to tweet about their own article. These successful individuals are confident, motivated and FEARLESS. Get the picture? 

I’m very passionate about this and I’m surprised to see not many people informed about this industry. It’s out there and it’s waiting for people like you and me. We just have to find it and sculpt a career out of it with our resources. 

So now I’m a Communication studies major with a concentration in Digital/Mass Media and a minor in Business Administration. This may sound like a lot of work, but all I know is I’ll have a career out there waiting for me to take my throne by the time I graduate.

And as much as I have loved making my first mark on Longwood campus, I can’t wait to start my own revolution in the industry I know I was made to be a part of. 

Because I know I can. And you can too. 

But whatever you do, start now. What are you waiting for? 

Talk soon beauties, XOXO ~

Questions about this article? My field specifically? How to get started? How to self-advertise? Reply in the comments what you want to hear me talk about next!

Virtzy: A Revolution

Imagine an app that can be your beauty destination for all things inspiration, business, wellness and so much more. Sound like your kind of personal app?

Beginning of March, Isak Mirzak and Kristina Aran came with the idea to build a social media platform devoted to the beauty/wellness industry.  Think of it as your personal realm to stay in touch with artists and their ongoing creativity.


But it doesn’t stop there. I had a phone interview with the two co-founders in the concrete jungle of New York City.


Download the app here!

“Our main goal (the mission) is to help beauty and wellness professionals run their businesses better…beauty professionals are able to build their portfolio from scratch and include their education, specialties and share videos/photos,” Kristina said.

Who better to trust than individuals who have been themselves, working in the industry?

Isak Mirzak is a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with a specialization in advertisement and graphic design. He is also a professional hair stylist with 20 years of experience.

Kristina Aran is a psychology undergrad from Queens College and later took her studies to a Masters at NYU in mental health counseling. Juggling all of that while working as a skincare and makeup researcher for private companies.

Follow their journey on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram here!

Isak mentioned the struggles he faced working as a hair stylist and managing all his portfolio work in several places at once. He also noted it was hard to balance his personal and professional life under one platform. As Isak and Kristina emphasized, your audience determines your business.

With Virtzy, your profile is strictly professional keeping new on-coming clients interested in your creativity. Making this your one-stop resume galore.

“We understand the challenges these professionals face. With this, we created a platform…We want to study the behavior of the professionals and think of how else we can make this platform a better place,” Isak added.

Virtzy screenshot 3

How is it possible to get the right audience for the right business? These strategic experts have confessed their secret. It’s all about the tools, behavior and feedback. AKA people like you and me!

“For right now we want to focus on the individuals, not businesses. We want individuals to be able to express who they are and share their unique touch/specialty,” Isak explained.

And that to me, is one of the best catches. Beauty professionals can sometimes feel swamped and overlooked by huge advertisements from businesses on other platforms. But to Isak and Kristina, it’s about us, the producer and consumer.

No gimmicks, no lies. Just truth and creativity. No more cringe-worthy ads popping up about the latest Fit Tea plan 20 percent off if you use someone’s code; This platform is about your purpose and contribution to the industry and clients.

Ok but what if I’m just a raging beauty junkie? What’s in it for me?

Virtzy has been discovered as a two-sided market, meaning it was made for you and me.

By having more professionals use Virtzy, you can stay connected with your favorite stylists and see what they’re up to. If you had trouble remembering who did your nails last week, you can look them up if they have a profile on site. Never miss out!

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Use their profile to hunt for your next look as they upload their pictures or even book an appointment right on Virtzy.

Ahhh, a new weight has been taken off your shoulders. Search for professionals by location, name, industry or specialty. You won’t have to rely on how to search for a certain niche (like Google or Facebook) because with Virtzy, one click is all you need to find your destination.

“We have more than enough professionals to give something clients to search,” Kristina added.


What if you’re not ready to make a commitment? Virtzy has organized their app to give you a Pinterest-feel even when you’re not so sure what to look for yet. Scroll through specialities listed at the top with endless pictures and profiles like makeup, hair, tattoos, nails, personal trainers and more! 

“Our purpose was personal. I put in my 20 years of cutting hair and four years of college learning how to market and advertise. I want to do this not only for myself but for others. I have a gut feeling we’re going to be successful and make it big,” Isak concluded.

My time away from blogging and reading has mostly been spent on Virtzy just scrolling through pictures for my next summer-glow hairstyle. Not only is this app free, but it’s reliable when you’re on the search. Virtzy has you covered.

New launch of false lash brand, Baby Coco Lash

When it comes to false lashes, you either love them or you can’t be bothered to poke your eye out by them. Not only is getting into the crevice of your eyeball intimidating and terrifying, but having to pay more than $10 for a long-lasting pair is not ideal – not to mention when shipping fees aren’t included, not exactly how I imagined spending all my money.

Breaking news, a new lash brand is in town and ready to save you of your false lash nightmares! Internet sensation and CEO of Baby Coco Lash, Courtney aka Coco, has just revealed her secret project with a purpose. “I practiced (false lashes) for months and went through dozens of different brands and styles…only to find they were almost all overpriced, too short or just too heavy,” Coco explained.

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The new lash brand has claimed to be 100% cruelty-free, high quality and long-lasting all while keeping your wallet and budget intact.

“How is your lash line set apart from the rest?”

“The Baby Coco lashes are aimed for ladies and gentlemen who want beautiful lashes

while still keeping their look casual enough for everyday wear. Natural but noticeable, and most important: COMFORTABLE,” Coco said.

It’s no secret Coco has had such a huge hit with her upcoming brand. With a strong social media background, Coco has 51,500 followers on Instagram and 42,000 on Twitter making her launch that more public to her fans and viewers, including myself.


Instagram @glitterytearz

Coco reached out to me and sent me her lashes to try and review for the past few weeks and the results were stunning.

Before applying, I trimmed the lash so it could fit my eye prior to application (I encourage you to measure the band length and trim it best to fit your eye shape) and applied my Ardell lash glue adhesive to the band, which I might add, was so incredibly thin! Having a thin lash band made the application process easier and gave it a natural look opposed to a thick lash band anyone can see from a mile away.

I managed to apply the lashes so quickly, it cut down mascara time by half! I applied eyeliner (NYX Matte Liquid) over the lash band to hide any traces of left-over glue and finally, curled my lashes to blend in with my new falsies. Voila, all done!

As far as comfort and longevity goes, these babies stayed glued to my eyes for well over five hours and I did not feel a thing. I usually have a hard time finding false lashes that don’t look heavy on my top lid as I have hooded eyelids (skin that drapes over your crease making your eyelid nearly visible) but to combat this, I applied mascara to my bottom which seemed to balance out the semi-volume and length I had going on with my falsies on top.

I found that I was obsessed with the lash length – practically touched my eyebrows which to me gives that extra, flirty look. They’ve lasted me eight wears and to be completely honest, they could be used for a few more nights out.

“How do you see your new brand influencing your mark in the beauty industry?”

“I am not a makeup artist by any means but I do know what I like and I think you guys will love how light-weight but poppin’ they are. I am so thankful for all of you who stand by me, I see you and thank God for you,” Coco concluded.


Instagram @alexiskenzie

These lashes are perfect for nights out and days in. The lash design created by Coco was intended to space out the lashes, giving room to see your bomb eyeshadow at any time of the day. Although Coco has not released an official date, be prepared to hear anything sometime soon early April. I know, I can’t wait either!

Click here for Baby Coco’s official Instagram page & official Twitter page to stay up to date with new launches and giveaways!

Congrats Coco!

MAC Cosmetics will be available at Ulta Beauty this Spring 2017

If you know anything about MAC Cosmetics, you know this world-famous brand has been around for decades since 1984. It’s been around longer than I have, and it was actually one of the first makeup products I bought as a little girl following in my mom’s footsteps.


Courtesy of Disney Springs

MAC built its brand off of exclusivity, meaning if you ever shopped at a MAC Cosmetics store, the only brand you can purchase is MAC itself. Which also had a high demand because let’s be honest, MAC has everything you could hope for in a beauty basket.

By huge surprise, MAC Cosmetics is joining the wave of other brands this Spring and coming to Ulta Beauty, a chain of beauty stores carrying both high- and low-end cosmetics for men and women.

Although everyone is cheering and getting their paychecks ready to splurge, I can’t help but wonder why is it that a makeup brand as prestigious and store exclusive as MAC Cosmetics is joining this cosmetics chain. I am not for one bit saying MAC is a dead-beat cosmetics line, but I have noticed a significant increase in other makeup brands and advertisements for them. So my question is, is MAC Cosmetics falling behind on this beauty phenomenon we are having now?


Courtesy of Pine Tree

Well first, MAC Cosmetics is one of the only companies still standing tall since the 1980s. Many have dropped or gone bankrupt like King Cosmetics, mainly because some brands don’t follow trends. I don’t mean seasonal trends, I mean following the artistry trends as years go on.

Second, it’s important to know that MAC Cosmetics is actually a child company of Estee Lauder. Did I just blow your mind? Estee Lauder is actually the parent of brands like Clinique, Aveda and DKNY.


Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

But let’s talk numbers. The net worth of Estee Lauder as of 2017, reported by Forbes, is set to be $10.6 billion, and this is also a family-run company so they distribute the wealth. According to Fast Company, a website giving annual reports on brands, MAC Cosmetics alone holds a net worth of $6.3 billion, a little over half of the money for the entire company of Estee Lauder.

So what does this mean? 

I think this is the start of the beauty business booming. Estee Lauder can’t afford to lose such a wealthy business like MAC. If all brands are suddenly being put into beauty trade stores like Ulta beauty and Sephora, Estee Lauder needs to grab a surfboard and follow the wave.

This is no longer a one-shot deal of manufacturing the product and simply selling it. Now we have huge trade stores like Ulta Beauty being that middle man, getting profit in return.


Courtesy of Drug Store News

Although this may not be ideal to some brands, this is the future of the beauty business. All the beauty products you could think of conveniently in one place, who’s the genius behind this?

Huge props to Estee Lauder company for noticing this huge transition in time and getting it settled before it’s too late. As far as I can see it, MAC Cosmetics will be slaying the beauty business for the next coming decades. They’re here to stay and joining an Ulta near you this coming spring!


Glazed donut era

Judging from all social media, apparently glazing like a donut is the new thing. But hey no complaints here. You are what you eat, right? Working as a retail advisor in the beauty industry has given me detailed access on those products that all of us have been dying to rub our faces in. The preparation is just as important as the right product in achieving this glazed, sun-kissed look. Whether you have dry or oily skin, this look is one to try out.

For my dry skin readers, dewy skin is probably what you dream of. An overly-done, matte look can extenuate any dry patches or flakiness. So to counteract this would be dousing yourself in sparkly oil (whoever came up with this is a genius). Providing a luminous look for dry skin can camouflage dryness and in essence, actually moisturize your skin.

Oily skin can also be super frustrating when in less than 30 minutes, you look like you just ran a 5k marathon. Oily skin is known for its large pore sizes and the ability to bring out more to the surface of your skin. TRUST ME when I say this, you too can achieve this look by targeting the specific spots between glow and matte-ness. We like to concentrate the highlight on spots where the sun would naturally hit us. This could mean the bridge of nose, brow bone, cupids bow (top of lip), and cheek bone. Fortunately for dry and oily skin, highlighters are available in liquid and powder form!


A liquid product I recommend is the BECCA Backlight Priming Filter. I had purchased mine from Sephora for $38.00 with 1 Fl. Oz. This lightweight product worked wonders when it came to that champagne-y sheen beneath your foundation. The only problem was it didn’t fill my pores or even my laugh lines; I still stick with my Smashbox primer (targeted for large pores) before the BECCA Backlight Primer. Nonetheless, this primer gave me a natural glow, great for a long day out!

My all-time favorite powder highlight is MAC Soft and Gentle. This product was on sale for $33.00 with 0.35 Oz. This was my most recent purchase and for the past few weeks, I have not been able to put it down! This highlight gave my skin an iridescent, toned-down pearl-esque look. I found that on days when I went on casual errands, this highlight gave me a natural glow and on nights when I went out, by spraying MAC Fix Plus gave me a bright, wet look to the face.

Dewy skin is an in-style trend and whether you have dry or oily skin, it’s a must. It will give you the appearance of healthy, luminous skin… who doesn’t want that? So while you’re on the hunt for your next highlighter, I’ll have myself a glazed donut.